WebScore is an internet-based scoring and reporting tool for the BASIS-24®, Perceptions of Care surveys, and Administrative Indicators. WebScore is an easy-to-use data entry and reporting application allowing you to automatically score the BASIS-24® or PoC right from your personal computer, download survey results, and maintain data for future analysis and reporting. For portable direct patient data entry options, the tablet PC and iPad are now available.

WebScore provides both patient-level and aggregate population-level reporting capabilities. This application provides all of the reporting power most organizations will ever require. For those organizations who want to do even more sophisticated analysis, WebScore allows you to download results into a well-formatted CSV file that can easily be imported into SAS, SPSS, or other statistical software applications. Survey data can also be uploaded into WebScore. State-of-the-art web-based technology allows McLean to offer BASIS-24® and PoC reporting capabilities at far less cost and with much more efficiency than many other outcomes reporting packages.